A delicate web of fragility and strength. ’A world within a world’
I have always drawn my inspiration from one of my favorite creatures, the spider. Drawing on its sensorial attributes such as touch, vibration and heightened sensitivity, through to its communication and interactions with other species. As a child, I loved to observe their world. to watch their amazing capacity to adapt themselves to ever changing environments, studying their webs as they were weaving, watching them change in size, scale and complexity, their silk, intricately and delicately i nterwoven with stories rich in character and color.

I have many analogies with the spider and these have had a great impact on my life and my work over the years and still play an important role in my creative universe. Every time I see one, I am reminded of the major events in my life and the investment I made to re-weave my web. A small loss or disappointment can leave an easily repaired tear, while other life events can leave a huge gaping hole. I never let this happen. I always changed environment, woven another thread, and began another chapter of my life.