'' Those people have no clothes on, they are incomplete... ''
Born in Brasov, Romania, I met my first porcelain mannequin at the age of 5 whilst out shopping with my mother. At first glance, I thought, those people have no clothes on. Some are without body parts, they are incomplete... but I took their hand and they remained my friends until the age of 8 when my family moved home, closer to my Aunty Maria who ran a tailoring and embroidery business. She was my first great inspiration. Here those porcelain mannequins became real ones.

'' My web needs repairing... ''
At the age of 9, my circumstances drastically changed and I found myself living in difficult conditions. You could say that it was one of those moments in life where a large piercing hole appeared in my web. But, I soon began to weave and repair it when a sewing workshop made its appearance. Here, I became highly involved with the creation process of garments for theatre.

Spinning a web is a choreographed operation and after weaving a web, a spider goes back to fill in the gaps. At 19, this was just what I needed to do, so I went to work at Wandvest, a French manufacturing factory, where I had as my tutor Mme Anette Brault, a skilled and passionate teacher from whom I learned the creative process of grading and assembling, color to fabrication, fit and function of a garment. The skills of people in this factory helped me grow and develop my skills tremendously.At this point in my life, something was reverberating through my whole web. The challenge, as always, is to be accepting of it and take the time required to re-weave, to adapt to new situations, new trends. So I threw out a very long thread, became air-borne and moved from Romania to Norway to start on a new personal and artistic chapter. of my life. After 3 years of fineart training with Jose Briceno, and working hard to set up my own business in 2005, I was ready in 2007 to move to Paris and further my studies in my life-long passion, fashion design at Esmod Paris.

From a very early age, we were taught to re-use and recycle everything - it became second nature. Spiders are also enthusiastic recyclers, eating the silk of their discarded webs and recycling them to make new ones, and this has always beenan intrinsic part of my work. When studying, I, myself, created new garments from off-cuts found in my dumpster diving expeditions in Paris. I now teach my students in Norway and Internationally the importance of innovation in relation to up-cycling and re-use on a local level through our courses like Design and Up-Cycle Course as well as through my collaborations with other artists/designers and on-line communications.

In 2010 I finally spun the most beautiful web in my entire life... I graduated as a designer specializing in Nouvelle Couture, and soon after, I launched my own signature label. Over the last 3 years I have developed 2 more strikingly innovative and elegant couture collections: Fractals Engine and Fantomes Industrielle. It is Claudia N Couture’s mission to provide innovative, comfortable and elegant garment pieces to women who are exuding confident femininity in their presentation of self as they live a multi-faceted lifestyle. The brand provide tailor cut design possibilities and undeniably strive to make comfort, durability and multi functionality a must have’s in women’s wardrobe.

Are you a multi-faceted woman with a lifestyle of variety, multi-tasking and a desire to be comfortable and formal? Claudia N Couture is the woman’s clothing line which provides tailor cut design possibilities and undeniably strive to make comfort, durability and multi functionality a must have’s in women’s wardrobe. We provide as well a comfortable easy wear line of clothing, for women who are multi-taskers but have physical limitations.