Fantomes Industrielles

’’ Small pieces of history in suspension. Decay becomes Regeneration.’’
This collection is based on one old man's story, a former factory worker, who returns to the place where he once worked. He takes us back to relics of former industries, the visible symbols and landmarks of our society. Seen today as abandoned, this state of ruin is the result of a volatile change in era. But it hasn't all been washed away; decay has a value like an absent presence. Decay is linked to a cycle of regeneration.

My inspiration lies exactly in these emotions and these relics of our former industries, I can picture this man's unseen ghosts and those ruins, which are small pieces of history in suspension. Each piece of the collection re-tells his industrial past: from the large puddles covered in minty green carpets of moss, bogs of exotic chemical-red fungus – now stagnant wading pools for skimming smooth, worn-down stones. Walls painted in dark greens and varying shades of grey, reminding us of smooth silk surfaces contrasted by the roughness of linen.

Hissing, rusty metal pipes clinging and wrapping themselves around buildings made from decaying brown bricks. These materials, colors, hues, textures, feelings and sensations are my inspirations for each piece.

This decaying corner has now been rein habited by further human deterioration, a transitory, roughly-decorated resting place of dying white cigarettes and drug-addicted souls of our society.
An intriguing industrial wind of siren-song enters the broken windows which now entice, explorers , artists and other curiosity-seekers into this toxic, yet timelessly styled aura. Only the yellow-liquid-filled gaslights which delve into darkness at 4am know his whole story.