Fractals Engine Collection

From chaos to creation, the zoom-in on nature...
“This collection transports us from chaos to creation - unpredictable behaviour leading to astonishing beauty - a profoundly natural ʻworld within worlds”. ʻFractals Engineʼ is a concept collection that zooms in on nature.

Fractals are present all around us, in trees and ferns, in ice crystals and lightning strikes, illustrating the principle of microcosm and macrocosm. Their irregular, natural, fragmented shapes become multidimensional and self-repeating which then make up a whole. But when you zoom in you always see the same pattern - over and over.

When creating the ʻFractals Engine Collectionʼ this inherent regularity and irregularity was very pleasing for me to work with. The complexity is simplified and communicated to our customers through fine structures, layering, pattern repetition, materials, surfaces, form and structure - finding the unexpected in the expected. From our light lilac hand-painted raw silk dresses to our shiny, rubbery surfaces of dark plum leather; from our clean, structured 'petite robes noirs' to our bags and accessories with unique personalities - all designed to give you that extra injection of confidence.

My designs are for women who dare to be themselves, who allow themselves to be indulgent, who differentiate themselves through elegance, originality and creativity. Claudia N Couture's collections guarantee self-assurance and vitality to the multi-tasking women who wear them. After all, that’s the essence of being a woman.

Whilst economic and political tides of change are knocking on our doors with unstoppable speed, I want to slow down and focus on the preciousness of small, insignificant objects - the vital resources of our planet, those fundamental to our well-being.